Amanita Shroom Gummies

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Elevate your level of chill and take a trip with our Amanita Muscaria Gummies! Our mushroom edibles are made with a potent broad spectrum Amanita Muscaria extract from carefully selected specimens that have been sustainably harvested and grown in optimal conditions. It is extracted using a proprietary sonication process to ensure maximum purity and potency giving it a higher bioavailability than traditional mushrooms that delivers a cleaner end experience.

Our broad spectrum edibles contain all the other beneficial properties of amanita, including terpenes, flavonoids and beta glucans.

Within a span of approximately 30 to 90 minutes, the effects of these mushrooms begin to take hold. Some individuals describe entering a dream-like state in which they maintain consciousness while their thoughts meander more freely. Others recount experiencing a serene out-of-body sensation, allowing their minds to wander and engage in thought-provoking, often existential, internal dialogues.

During this experience, the body typically feels profoundly relaxed, and a subtle sense of giddiness or euphoria may be present. Additionally, these mushroom extracts are recognized for inducing a profound sense of tranquility and the potential for vivid and memorable dreams. Many artists and individuals of creative inclinations actively seek out this pleasurable encounter to serve as a wellspring of inspiration or to propel them further in their respective creative endeavors.

This product is a legal psychedelic. Consult your doctor before purchasing and always use responsibly.