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THC-P Gummy 3.5mg

THC-P Gummy 3.5mg

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This THCp gummy is FULL STRENGTH and not mixed with other cheaper molecules like our competition.  Each gummy has 3.5mg of THCp distillate PER GUMMY.  Don't let the small amount fool you!  THCp is CRAZY strong.  Our first tester said this; "I was high for 24 hours.  I took it at 5pm and the next morning I was still high!".   We recommend starting with half a gummy for your first time.  The effects generally take 1-2 hours to kick in and you do not peak until, well, for a loooong time!  


What is THCP?

Tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCp) takes the #1 spot for the strongest natural cannabinoid ever discovered. It was originally isolated from the Italian strain FM2 at <0.1% concentrations, but new research has shown that THCP may be present in a majority of cannabis strains.


What Are the Effects of THCP In Relation to THC?

THCP has the same general effects as Delta 9 THC, but with a few unique properties. THCP tends to be very sedating, and is likely more sedating than most cannabinoids available. There is a strong muscle relaxing effect that occurs in tandem with the sedative properties. The psychological effects are nearly identical to THC, but there is a notable “psychedelic” quality to the effect. This usually manifests as changes in perception, appearance of novelty, and feelings of disinhibition. Perception of emotions is usually enhanced as well.

What Are the Potential Therapeutic Applications of THCP?

There may be some use for THCP in the treatment of pain. The analgesic and muscle relaxing properties are greater in effect than THC, and the duration of the compound would yield a pain medication that has a benefit of not needing to be taken multiple times throughout the day. It will be interesting to see what research reveals about this newly discovered cannabinoid, as well as the applications that are revealed by the pharmaceutical industry. 

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