Glass PUK Pipe

Glass PUK Pipe

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PŬK is a virtually odorless device that provides for controlled dosing for the medical patient and allows all users to carry up to 6 different strains, all fresh and ready to enjoy with just the turn of your PŬK. 

The nearly 1/8 ounce capacity means that most PŬK owners will never have to carry an extra container of herb, or refill their PŬK for at least the entire day.  The optional PŬK Stone allows you to enjoy any of your favorites concentrates right from your PŬK.  


  • Material:  Borosilicate glass (same material as Pyrex)
  • Holding Capacity: (0.5 grams per bowl x 6) = 3 grams
  • Dimensions:  68 mm (2.75") diameter, 22 mm (1") height, 
  • Weight: 150 grams